How to add a step symbol to Microsoft Power Point

degree symbol

You will not find ° (degree symbol) on your keyboard. Insert a step symbol into Microsoft PowerPoint in two ways, both of which are detailed below.

degree symbol

Insert a step symbol using the PowerPoint ribbon


  1. Select the text box on the slider where you want to place the step symbol.
  2. On the ” Insert ” tab select “Symbol”  In some versions of PowerPoint, this option appears on the right hand side of the menu.
  3. In the window that opens, make sure the “Font:” (plain text) menu is selected ,  which in another menu – ” Superscripts and Subscripts” .
  4. At the bottom of this window, next to “from” select, ASCII (decimal) .
  5. Scroll until you get a step signal.
  6. Click on the ” Insert” below.
  7. Click ” Close”, close the ” Symbol ” and return to the PowerPoint document.

PowerPoint will probably not prompt you to confirm that you have completed Step 6.. After the ” Insert” if you want to make sure the degree mark has actually been inserted, move the dialog to the side or close it to check.


Enter a step symbol using a keyboard shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts are more powerful, especially when entering characters like this one, where you would have to scroll through a list of dozens of other characters to find the right one.

In fact, this method does not work no matter where you are, including in email, web browser, etc.

Use your standard keyboard to enter a step symbol

  1. Choose exactly where you want the step sign to go.
  2. Use the power character hotkey to enter a character: Alt + 0176 .
    That is, hold down the Alt key , and then use the keyboard enter 0176  After entering numbers, you can release the Alt key to see the [°] step symbol.
    If this step does not work, make sure that the keyboard does not work the keyboard is not locked (i.e enable num locking). If enabled, the keyboard will not accept numeric values. You cannot insert a degree symbol using the top row of numbers.

degree symbol

Without numeric pad

Each Fn laptop keyboard has a function key It is used to access additional features that are not normally available due to the smaller number of keys on a standard laptop keyboard.

If you do not have a keyboard on your keyboard, but have function keys, try this:

  1. Hold the Alt and Fn keys together.
  2. Find the keys corresponding to the function keys (same colors as the Fn keys).
  3. As above, press the keys showing 0176, then release the Alt and Fn keys to enter the step symbol.