What is the degree of Celsius symbol

1. The temperature measurement unit of the Celsius temperature scale (C), represented by the symbol ℃, is one of the most widely used temperature scales in the world. Celsius is now included in the International System of Units (SI).

2. Basic definition: Celsius temperature has been included in the International System of Units. In physics, the Celsius temperature scale is expressed as t, and the absolute temperature scale (unit: Kelvin) is expressed as T, and the conversion relationship is t=T-273.15. Celsius is a special name that replaces Kelvin when expressing Celsius temperature, and 1K=1°C in value.

3. Both Fahrenheit and Celsius are used to measure temperature. Celsius is used by most countries in the world, including our country; Fahrenheit is used by only five remaining countries in the world, including the Bahamas, Belize, the British Cayman Islands, Palau, the United States of America and other dependent territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands).

How to type Celsius Symbol in word

Celsius is a temperature scale that is widely used in the world and is represented by the symbol “℃”. It was proposed by the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius in the 18th century. Celsius = (Fahrenheit-32) ÷ 1.8. Its freezing point is 0°C, and the boiling point of water at 1 standard atmosphere is 100°C. The current Celsius temperature has been included in the International System of Units, and the definition of Celsius temperature is t=TT.

Celsius is a temperature scale that is widely used in the world and is represented by the symbol “℃”. However, in actual work, it is often necessary to insert the ℃ symbol in Word. I stumbled upon today that I don’t know how to enter the Celsius symbol ℃ in Word? How to do? Below, I will summarize some of the methods of entering the Celsius symbol ℃ in Word. I hope that after reading this article, I don’t have to worry about how to type ℃ in Word. There are several simple ways to insert the Celsius symbol ℃ in Word: Although some small symbols are usually not used by people at all, they still have to be mastered. Sometimes they might come in handy! Here are a variety of ways to enter the Celsius symbol

Input degrees Celsius:

  1. Select “special symbols”; 
  2. Then select “number/unit” from the special symbols that pop up, and then you can see the symbol “Celsius ℃” at the bottom left.   

Input method Celsius symbol input method: 

  1. Click the “wrench icon” on the far right of QQ input method, and then select “Symbol”;
  2. Select “Number/Unit” on the left side of the symbol input device that pops up, and you can find it on the right The desired “degree Celsius” too.   

Smart ABC input Celsius symbol, 

first press “V”, then press the “1” key, then press “Page Down” 7 times, then press the “7” key, the °C comes out   

How to type the Celsius symbol in Wubi 86 version 

℃ Right-click on the soft keyboard, select the unit symbol, press “9” to get ℃   

Tips: In Word, using Sogou input method and omnipotent five pen typing have different symbols, which can be solved by switching between Chinese and English. This is the difference between full-width and half-width. In the two input methods, if you enter full-width or half-width, they should be exactly the same  

2. Skills of inputting Celsius symbol in Word2003

  1. Open Word2003 and click “Special Symbol” in “Insert” in the menu bar; 
  2. You can find the “Celsius” symbol you want in “Unit Symbol”.

3. How to input the Celsius symbol in Word2007 

Click the “Insert” tab, select “More” in the “Special Symbols” option group, then “Unit Symbol”, select the Celsius symbol to confirm.

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