Celsius degree symbol – Degrees centigrade icon on the keyboard

When writing scientific or highly specialized texts, special values ​​are needed, as well as other non-standard signs. It can be scientific articles, courses or other data where you need to know how to put a mark in Word or a similar symbol.

How to insert special characters in Word – in our new article

Many beginners, when trying to establish non-standard designations, are looking for them on the Internet to copy. This method is quite time consuming, as you must perform a similar procedure for each character. Also, not everyone knows the brand name like diameter.

Degree Symbol

Easier Method

There are several common methods that are suitable for a comprehensive solution for all designations, and each one individually. To work with special characters, the Windows operating system provides a special table that allows you to place these indicators directly in the document. In this way, you can insert a paragraph, diameter, degrees, tick and others.

It’s on the “Insert” toolbar. You need to click on the “Symbols” icon and then select the additional “Other” menu. Before the user opens a window with a large set of all possible values. They can be selected and inserted at the established position in the document. For your convenience, there are selection criteria, such as “Mathematics”, “Latin” and “Logic”, to facilitate the search for the required brand.

Use the “Insert” panel and find the “Character” command there.

The arrow can be entered in the same way. It comes in various versions in the stock panel. If a non-standard or elongated view is required, the “Insert” parameter provides a “Shapes” window, from where the arrow can be taken to work in any length and various graphic versions.

Hot keys

This method is best suited for those who should have regular access to symbols, such as diameter or paragraph. It does not require the installation of additional programs, you only need to press a combination of keys. You must first hold down the Alt button on the keyboard and then dial a number combination on the primary or secondary keyboard.

To set the diameter, you need to enter the numbers 0216. When the user presses Alt, the entered data will change to the desired value. This sign is useful when creating drawings, documents for layout, as well as promotional products. The diameter is in the shape of a crossed out letter “o”.

The paragraph is made in the form of two letters “s”. Previously, it was a required attribute on typewriters, but today the paragraph is used in automatic mode or with special insertion. Using a similar method with the Alt button pressed, you should enter 0167. The combination will become a paragraph. In the same way, you can insert degrees Celsius, which is placed in the combination 0186 or 0176.

Other forms

Degree can also be put into hexadecimal code. To do this, instead of the required character, you must dial 00BA. This special designation changes to a sign after pressing the Alt + X combination. There is a “superscript” icon on the main page. After pressing the cursor, it will move to the upper position of the entered value. Just press the letter “o” or the number “0” to accept the value of the degree.

In this way, special characters such as diameter, paragraph, and others are inserted when writing text files. The choice of method depends on personal preference and convenience. Over time, this happens automatically, so it only takes a little practice with either method.

– Percentage of percent sign Punctuation apostropher

– sign Division sign Punctuation apostrophe (‘)

– × multiplication sign (×) the mathematical sign of the multiplication operation. The multiplication sign is represented as a cross (×), period

– √ The sign of the root (the sign of the radical) in mathematics, the symbol of the roots, the default square. In the general case (for roots of degree n), the exponent is placed on the “bird”: the sign is used for cube roots, for roots of fourth degree …

– %% sign, more often indicating percentages. The origin of the designation

This term has other meanings, see Plus minus (meanings). ± ∓ The plus minus sign (±) is a mathematical symbol that is placed in front of a certain expression and means that the value of this expression can be both positive

Not to be confused with ʃ. ∫ The integral sign is used to denote an integral in mathematics. It was first used by the German mathematician and founder of the differential and integral calculus Leibniz in the late 17th century. Symbol (∫)

Tilde (Spanish tilde, from lat. Inscription Titulus) is the name of several typographic marks in the form of a wavy line. Contents 1 Diacritical mark 1.1 Superscript

– ¯ Macron (from Greek. Μακρόν) accent mark, represented as a bar above the symbol. In Unicode, a macron in the form of combined diacritics has the code U + 0304, and in the form of an independent character U + 00AF Use as a diacritic

The books

  • The treasure of the signs of the zodiac, or the veil of Isis, Omelchenko Yu. The book is written in the style of the “hero’s journey”, with a constant emphasis on esoteric values, easily defined by Astrology and esoteric Kabbalah, and ideally serves as a universal goal …

It is not uncommon when working with text documents, it is necessary to put some type of non-standard character or that is not on the keyboard. For example, the degree sign is used very often, but it is not on the keyboard. In this article, we will talk about how to place a degree sign with and without using the keyboard.

Method number 1. Alt + 248 key combination.

If you need to put a degree sign with the keyboard, perhaps the fastest and easiest way is to use the key combination Alt + 248. To use this key combination, place the cursor at the place in the text where there should be a degree sign . After that, hold down the Alt key on the keyboard and without releasing the Alt key, type the number 248 in the additional key block (on the right side of the keyboard, under Num Lock).

As a result, where the cursor was placed, a degree sign will appear. This key combination works in any program.

Method number 2. Alt + 0176 key combination.

There is also an Alt + 0176 key combination. It works the same way as in the previous method. You need to put the cursor where you need to put a degree sign, hold down the Alt key and don’t release, type 0176 on the additional keyboard.

celsius degree


After that, a degree sign will appear at the selected location. This key combination, like the previous one, works in any program.

How to put a degree sign without keyboard

If you cannot remember the key combinations described above, it may be more convenient for you to insert the degree sign without using the keyboard. This can be done with the help of the “Symbol Table” program, which is available in any version of Windows.

To do this, you first need to open the “Symbol Table” program. For example, you can click Windows-R and in the window that appears run the command “charmap.exe”.

In the “Character table” you need to find the degree sign, select it with the mouse and click the “Select” button.

After that, you need to click the “Copy” button and paste the degree sign in the correct place in the document using the CTRL-V key combination or the Paste command.

Therefore, you can put a degree sign in any document and any program.

The degree symbol will be extremely necessary when entering measurements, such as temperature values. Alt + 0176 key combination or drop down menu will help to set degree in Word.

Celsius degrees using the ribbon menu

It is important to indicate with the cursor where the degree icon is needed. Then go to the “Insert” tab, click on “Symbol” and go to “Other symbols”. A window will open with different variations of icons and letters.

Now it is important to specify the “Source” and the “Set”. On the “Font” tab, select “Times New Roman”, and on the “Set” tab, find “Additional Latin 1”. When properly configured, a new symbol design will appear in the window, including the degree icon. Select the temperature symbol and click the “Insert” button. Everything worked out!

How to write t with button degree combination?

To perform such manipulation with the keys under everyone’s power, you just need to remember the signal code. We write the text and stop at the place where it is necessary to indicate t with the degree sign. Next, we find the Alt button on the keyboard and press it, and now the main thing to remember is the character code and we type it. We remind you if someone forgot – 0176.

degree symbol

Note: you must dial the numbers on the additional numeric keypad shown in the following screenshot.

The image below shows how to find the character code “Celsius” to easily and quickly print the temperature signal in the future. First, put your cursor in the right place, type in the code for the icon, and hold down the Alt + x key combination (x – on the English keyboard layout) and you’re done.

And also when you use the icon for the first time, then it appears in the popup window to find and insert it quickly.

Is it possible to write a degree in letters or numbers?

The main Word layout in the “Home” section is a superscript icon, with which you can write a temperature sign above the reference line of all text. We look at the image and repeat it. Place the pointer in the right place, open the “Start” tab, find the “Superscript character” and press (light yellow), and then type the letter “O” or the number “0”. Who likes it more!

A typographic symbol in the form of a superscript circle, generally denoted as the dimension of angles and temperatures measured in degrees   , absent from the computer keyboard. However, it is in the encoding tables that the operating system uses to summarize the characters on the computer screen. He is among the first 128. marks   this table that allows him to use it even in the documents of the most primitive text formats, eg txt.


1.   Use code 0176 to insert the degree icon in text documents. To do this, press the alt key and, without releasing it, type this code on the numeric keypad (optional). As you enter the code, nothing will change on the screen, and when you finish and release the alt key, the ° icon will appear at the location indicated by the input cursor.

2.   Start the Windows Character Map component, as an alternative to the insertion method for this symbol described above. You can do this, for example, by pressing the win + r key combination, typing the charmap command, and clicking the Enter key. In the symbol table of the window that opens, find the degree icon, double-click it, and click the “Copy” button. After that, switch to the edited document window and paste the copied symbol (ctrl + v).

3.   Use the key combination opt + shift + 8 if the operating system you are using belongs to the Mac OS family. It is this hotkey combination that you are assigned to insert a grade icon into documents.

4.   Paste hexadecimal code 00B0 (B – English letter), if you are working with documents in a Microsoft Office Word word processor. This code corresponds to the degree designation in the Unicode table, and Word can work with such symbol designations. After placing the input cursor at the place in the text where the degree sign should be, type this code and then press the alt + x key combination and the word processor will remove all four characters from the text, placing a single ° symbol .

5.   Use html character primitives if the degree sign must be placed in a hypertext document. To display this sign in the text of a web page, it is allowed to place a sequence of ° or ° characters: they both form the same ° icon.

To type the ° symbol on the keyboard, you need to hold down the ALT key, and on the auxiliary keyboard, type 0176 and release the ALT key after that. To print other characters, such as © ®, etc. I need to know the key code. This is the keycode, now activate Num Lock and press ALT and then on the auxiliary keyboard, type 0163 and release ALT. It is finally allowed to invariably call up a character table and copy characters from there, but this is neither fun nor sporty.

Good advice
How to enter missing characters on the keyboard? Let’s assume a trivial situation: you need to enter a special character in some text, but there is no key on the keyboard with such a character. How to be If you are working in a Word text editor, then there are no drawbacks: choose the Insert menu – \ u003e Symbol Yes, thanks, I already stumbled … I really didn’t find out right away. While I am writing the text in Notepad, it is not very comfortable to go up there all the time, for my taste, let’s say, exposing the elements of the list, degrees, mathematical signs

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