How to insert a degree symbol in Excel – 2020

Microsoft Excel allows you to enter ASCII or Unicode characters in the cells in your spreadsheet. Understanding how to add these symbols takes a bit of detective work, as there is no easy option to insert such symbols in any of the menus. Inserting characters involves quick keyboard work, which will easily become second nature when you remember how to enter the most commonly used codes, such as the degree symbol.

Use the “Alt” key to insert ASCII or Unicode characters.

Stage 1

Turn on the keypad lock function by pressing the “Number Lock” button. You can only enter the degree symbol using the number pad (not the number line above the letters.)

Step 2

Click in the cell where you want to enter the degree symbol.

Step 3

Find the “Alt” key on your keyboard.

Step 4

Hold down the “Alt” key with your left hand and enter “0176” on the digital panel at the same time. You should see the degree symbol in the cell.

Degrees Symbols in excel

Use the command to insert symbols. “FAQ: How to put the degree symbol (°) with the keyboard” Computer keyboards contain many keys with which you can type the most used symbols, but others that are not so common cannot be entered using a key

Degrees centigrade in a cell – answer – Hello ,, The problem is the following, I try to put the symbol of degrees centigrade in a cell, which I no longer know how to do and besides that I can use a function to for example calculate the temperature. send your Edition with the changes you consider useful. = CHARACTER (176) If we want to add the degree symbol … Finding a way to put these characters takes a bit of detective work, as there is no easy option to insert these characters into any of the menus.

Please re-enable Javascript to access the full functionality. In this tutorial we explain how to insert degree symbol in Excel 2016, 2013, 2010 in different ways. Degree symbol (°) or degree sign is a typographic symbol which is used to represent degrees of arc, Today Solvetic will teach some methods to insert this symbol in a simple way. In this case we can make use of the CHARACTER function by executing = CHARACTER (176) to insert the degree symbol in Excel. If we want to add the degree symbol to a special number, in this example number 15, we execute the following: To make use of this option we go to the Insert menu and in the Symbol

group we click on the Symbols tab and the following window will be displayed. Change colors Outlook Calendar 2019, 2016. Leave your comments and take advantage of the user account Join us! A community that will surprise and help you on more than one occasion Step 3. Do you think you can correct or improve this tutorial?

Type degree symbol in the “Search” text box at the bottom of the window, and then click Search. In this way we will make the most of our time and be more effective in those Word documents that we create.

How to Insert a Degree Symbol in Excel Microsoft Excel allows you to enter ASCII or Unicode characters into cells within your worksheet. 

Some Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel have the insert symbol function that you can use to type a wide variety of symbols. In Office 2007, you must click on “More symbols” after opening the “Symbol” menu. There, simply locate the degree symbol and click on the Insert button to add it to the selected cell. Just hold down the ALT key and then type 0176 on the numeric keypad and we need to make sure that NumLock is on and start typing the 0176 degree keyboard shortcut with the leading zero.
Our content is written in collaboration with When you use the Microsoft Office program, click “Insert”, then “Symbol” and scroll through the list of symbols until you find the degree; double click on it. This keyboard code is Alt + 0176.
On these computers you can produce the symbol by pressing the “Shift” key then the “Option” key and then the 8 key.

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